Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cool Organizing Thingie

The people who make 'em call the line "Grid-It." For an obvious reason: various sized thin slabs covered in a handy grid of stretch straps. I'm tempted to pick up a couple to see how they work out.

Whattaya think?


Anonymous said...

The one that is made to hold the MacBook Air has cooler looking accessories not included. -SM

Linoge said...

Basically geeks' answers to MOLLE rigs - I have wanted to try one (I think they were featured in UnCrate), but have not been able to rationalize the price yet. Seems like a darned good way to keep things like MP3 players and phones with their accessories, though.

Loose Gravel said...

I have one flat organizer and one of the cases. The flat one is great in my bag; it keeps all the little writing and paper-production implements together. The case is great for working on things with small parts - they get put under bands, and then closed up. Keeps them organized and found until I get whatever-it-is back together again. Highly recommended, especially the case.

Aubrey Turner said...

They're really handy. I have a couple that I use to organize all the programming cables for my various amateur radios and scanners.

Amazon carries a good selection of them.