Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Fine BlogMeet, Despite One Hostess Being A Fool

     ...See, I rode my big penny-farthing to the BlogMeet.

     A very nice Meet it was, too, with The Jack, Roberta X, Fuzzy Curmudgeon, Don, Tam, Old Grouch and Joanna all present an accounted for, or any way, as accounted-for as any of us could be.  Don brought Genuine Red Beans (yay!), Old Grouch gave me an 815 (tube of choice for robot constructors, though for form rather than function -- it's a dual power tetrode, good through VHF, thank you, thank you), and we discussed the merits of living near a swamp (hardly any, though the skeeters do keep the buzzards under control and it's a great place to dump experiments gone wrong).  Plus Tam got a hint that her Care Package was nearing delivery stage.

     And plenty of other good talk, too.  You should'a been there!  Plenty of fine pub grub, as well.

     But how'm I a fool?  I rode there hoping the ride would clear my lungs better than a day and a half abed had.  Fair tuckered out, and then had to ride back, in the fast-darkening and already-cooling evening air.   Which was something like breathing broken glass.  (Withal, the highwheel bike does bring smiles to faces and cause little children to crow with delight.  Not quite a sovereign remedy but it helps.)

     So I'm for bed.  Took some fancy fixitall cold potion Tam had laying around (yes, yes, we really are Pratchett characters!) and I'm for bed already.


Home on the Range said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. I'm sorry I was traveling and missed it. I do have an interesting book for you and Tam when I get back - "The Electric Toilet Virgin Death Lottery and other Outrageous Logic Problems" which I found in my travels, crazed conundrums and crackpot inventions to keep anyone entertained on a day they don't feel well.

Keads said...

I still threaten to go north to the alien Hoosier land for one of these meets. They sound like a blast. I'm thinking March next year now (I know, I know).

B said...

How do you ride that thing after drinking? Seems like a long way to fall....

Sorry we couldn't make it.

BGMiller said...

I keep saying I'm going to make it there but stupid reality keeps stomping all over my plans.

Sorry you're feeling less than 100%.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

'Twas fun. Hope I can be a more regular attendee now that certain things that were keeping me busy have pretty much been broken to the saddle and tamed.

I said it before and I'll say it again: The red polkadot helmet made that whole ensemble.

Don said...

Remember, serve over steamed rice, with fresh, buttered bread, and a tossed green sald with French dressing. Beans are better the second day; they are creamier.

Brian In Florida said...

Gosh, i feel so left out! I have never met any of my Blog Friends. I do not have a blog, but I follow my Blog friends and I so hate it that I can't just up and jump and join. One day perhaps, one day i might even start blogging again. we shall see.
It does my heart good to see like minded people join up for some suds and feed.
Thanks so much for all you do.

Roberta X said...

Mr. B, it's simple: I don't! But by the end of the BlogMeet, my temperature was spiking, which comes to almost the same thing. (Actually, it's as least as stable as a safety bike. And not all that much farther to fall, as long as you do it right.)

Keads, BGMiller, Mr. B & Co, Brigid: you'd be ever so welcome!

Don: will do!

Roberta X said...

(PS: the helmet matches the caps of one version of the Amanta mushroom)

Tam said...


"Thanks so much for all you do."

Thank you for reading. If your travels ever take you through Indy, let one of us know!

karrde said...

Wish I could have been there; various and sundry hunting-season and prep-for-Turkey-day stuff kept me from traveling in that direction.

Karl said...

Sounds like I missed another fun one. I've got my sights set on December!