Thursday, November 22, 2012

Food For The Day

A half-turducken: very fine.  Wanted to fall apart when sliced but who cares?  Parts are highly-flavored; see below.  (Cooked in a heavy foil pan, I dread scrubbing out roasting pans and y'know, there's no reason to.)

Smashed taters: skin-on, sectioned, boiled, dried in the pan, stirred first with a sharp knife and then with a fork, adding a little milk and butter: Dee-lish!

Bacon-mushroom gravy, with a hint of sauteed green onions and celery: flavorful but milder than you'd think. Pan gravy made with milk and flour (and water used to rehydrate some morels), served up with bacon and mushrooms (shitake, some morels)  and green onion crumbled in, it proved to be the very thing to tame and unify the turducken!

Mixed vegetables with real butter: because.

Side of morels: likewise.

A laid-back, sweet white wine: went nicely with the meal.

Ate while watching OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies: excellent film, a light satire of late-50s spy films, right down to the Technicolor-like look, "night" filters, lovely matte paintings and very-nearly-believable rear-projection vehicle scenes. A splendid script and marvelous work by Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo (sound familiar?  You may know them from The Artist!  Same director, too) allow it to walk a knife-edge of spoof, action (50s/60s style) and homage.  If you like Archer, this is the live-action edition of a remarkably congruent world, seen from Gallic side.   

     Mind you, I am still recovering (inner-ear dizzies launched a bad case of  derealization, only partially solved by a little bike-riding; and how terribly coincidental I so often get this symptom around holidays, hey?) and Tam is at the hope-to-die stage of the horrible bug I brought home from work (and thank you, Conan The Objectivist, who never takes a day off from illness).  Nevertheless, a decent meal and an okay holiday. 

     Now, to cap it by getting to bed early!


Old NFO said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lady!

Farmmom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

Tango Juliet said...

You ate well!

Happy Thanksgiving!