Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Broad Ripple Plague, Day Five; Also...

     I have about decided I feel slightly better this morning -- which is a good thing, as I had vivid (but unrecoverable) dreams all night, most of them involving a raw throat and difficulty breathing.  And for that frisson of realism, I kept waking up...with a raw throat, gasping.  I'm still exhausted.

     You c'n keep your damn' frisson, by the way.

     Update: OTOH, I can barely keep my eyes open.  Oh joy.

     Tam continues to lag my progress and is presently in the Plains of Despair, or perhaps crossing the Plateau of Miserableness.

     And elsewhere, Indianapolis police and prosecutor are pretty darned sure the "mysterious" exploding house on the south side was, in fact, deliberate.  It's a homicide investigation now.  It still could be metal theft gone horribly wronger -- this would be the same general class of fool that's been stealing aluminum ($0.10) downspouts along with copper ($10.00 -- if Mr. Metal Salvage Man doesn't just rat you right out to the cops as a time-saver), after all.  There are plenty of possibilities and homeowners are generally relived to know it's likely not shoddy gas plumbing.

     Elsewhere still, Hostess, with its fine, responsible, Dem-leaning ownership, has been ordered to the mediation table. If they're broke, they'll have a chance to prove it and if they were lookin' to get out from under, why, that'll show up, too.  I expect it'll be debatably in the middle, and thus the great love and friendship will continue -- and we'll still be getting no Twinkies while it drags on.  I suspect they are burning the midnight ovens at Little Debbie, cutting molds and compounding recipes just outside the line marked "infringing."  If they aren't, they should be.
     (Update: They did so long ago, as a commenter pointed out.  if "Cloud Cakes" are as good as Twinkies, why bother with Hostess ever again?   Alas, the market was out; I got Nutty Bars instead, a childhood treat I had nearly forgotten.)


Jess said...

I'd think just selling the right to the brand name "Twinkie" would fetch a sizable sum of money. Of course, Twinkie the Kid would have some tough contract negotiations.



Roberta X said...

Some of, them, Nav, some of them -- we're going to have to agree to disagree about colloidal silver, as I am gray enough already. (http://www.rosemaryjacobs.com/)

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear you're still down with the crud... And that is truly sad if that WAS a deliberate act...

Anonymous said...

Aluminum Siding ~ $0.50/lb

Copper #1 ~ $2.95

There was a time years ago when I could find armored copper wire in the construction dumpsters at office buildings. Then, I would just see the aluminum sheathed armored part, with the copper stripped out. Now I don't even see that.

The prices are down 25-70% from their highs, but they're still worth something.

Be an ethical scrapper out there folks!


Anonymous said...

I switched to Little Debbie back in the days when half the stuff on the Little Debbie rack cost a quarter. I never believed in being too fussy about what I unwrapped for my coffee break.

BCTGMIU probably has Little Debbie marked for death, next.

Mike James

karrde said...

Did you or Tam slip into the Slough of Despond, as well as travel the Plains of Despair?

(Blame my mother for making me read "Pilgrim's Progress"...and then making me look up the words I didn't understand.)

Best wishes on recovery from this bug.

kishnevi said...

Going by a Facebook meme, Little Debbie already has its own version called Cloud Cakes.

But now we face the fact that new generations of lawyers will have to find a new name for the Twinkies defense.

Cincinnatus said...

I don't think that there is anything in the Hostess line not already copied under a different trademark.

That's really what Hostess was trying to tell the bakers' union, that there were not unique little snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

keep the twinkies; save the sno-balls
and if they can, won't someone bring back banana flips


Turk Turon said...

Plains of Despair, or Plateau of Miserableness....
Just avoid the steppes of ennui.

Anonymous said...

Lipton Ice Tea Drink (w/wo sugar) makes a fast hot lemon drink. (honey added is better). Then there's the old standby for rehydrations ginger ale (golden gingerale is more bettah). Course if you got fever, Ice cream (any flavor) in tall glass and pour gingerale over top for fever aid.