Friday, November 16, 2012

IMPDUI: Yes, An Inebriated Officer Again

     Or so it is reported: another IMPD officer has been arrested on drunken driving charges.

     C'mon, IMPD, step up; if you don't feel good about "intervention," if your peers can't remember to follow the very laws they're supposed to be enforcing, if you don't want to rat the drinkers out to the brass, won't you at least administer a sound drubbing, maybe a blanket party, when they show up sozzled?

     Cripes.  I was worried bad stuff would happen when the city-county .gov mind-melded police and sheriff's departments, but this?  This is just stupid, tawdry and embarrassing. 


Eric said...

IMPD = I M Pretty Drunk

BGMiller said...

So instead of tossing doughnuts out the window to evade the popo I should toss a case of Natty Ice?


Anonymous said...

A dozen Crispy Cremes plus a 12-box of Bud flung out the car window should render ya well-neigh bullet-proof, law-enforcement wise.

Ken O said...

Enjoy Troy Riggs. We were not the least bit sad to see him leave Corpus.

Tam said...


I Must Patrol Drunk

Eric said...

I've been Tam'd! :-D