Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Is...Beautiful?

     I like 'em -- stumbled over the King Midget automobilette in a 1951 issue of Popularly Mechanical Scientific Inventions (or some such title) via Google and decided to see if any had survived.

     Oh, have they -- with their very own owner's club!  I'm kinda partial to the Mk. II, with its Jeepster-like looks, but they're all pretty kewl.  And with gas pushing $4.00 a gallon, they look better than ever.  Plus, you can yell at Mini and Fiat 500 drivers about their huge, gas-guzzling road-hog rides!


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd get the Mahogany doors. That low to the ground, and being splashed by the Winter Slush Puddles, well, it's a No-Brainer to me.

Robert Fowler said...

I can't believe that I have never seen one of these. Pretty cool set of wheels.

jdunmyer said...

It's pretty common to see these at the antique engine/tractor shows that I attend. Come visit us at Portland in August and you can probably find one.

Stranger said...

List price, 1948, $600, semi-assembled, FOB Ohio. Just under $800 delivered, with a light kit, to Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The same money as a respectable battery of Model 70's with William's peep sights.

Or about two thirds the 1948 asking price of one of Powell Crosley's four seaters for extremely skinny people. But the Crosley had a hail resistant top, important in Indian Territory.