Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sad Election Outcome

     Nope, not the Presidential race:  Incumbents normally have the advantage and Mr. Romney struck me as only slightly better.  He seemed to strike everyone but the the most faithful GOP stalwarts similarly, and that's not how you win elections.

     Withal, he didn't lose by much, Gary Johnson didn't vanish in the popular vote, either.  Don't count on the resident of 1600 Pennsy grasping that a "squeaker" is not a "mandate," though: why should he be any different to his predecessors?

     That all went pretty much as expected.  What's got me sad is that Steven H. David seems to still be on the State Supreme Court.  We'll probably have cause to regret that, by and by.


The Jack said...

That is what got me too.

And I fear we'll be feeling his boot soon enough.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The only good thing is that he can only serve eight more years.

But that's a tiny good in a barrel of bad.

Jess said...

They just sped up the process.

rickn8or said...

"... that Steven H. David seems to still be on the State Supreme Court."

Annnd dammit. Just. Dammit.

Comrade Misfit said...

"Not Much"?

Electoral votes: 303 to 206. 97 vote margin.

Popular vote: 60,363,000 to 57,570,000 , 2,793,000 margin

Contrast to 2004, when the GOP claimed a "mandate":

Bush: 286 electoral votes, Kerry, 251. Popular,, 62,041,000 v. 59,028,000. Bush won by one swing state (Ohio). Obama ran the table on swing states.

This election wasn't close. It was never close. The only thing that changed over time is that the Republicans threw away their chance to take over the Senate.

The GOP has taken the popular vote in one election out of the last five.

Roberta X said...

Misfit: Yep, the margin in popular election results are "not much:" if you win Class President, 60 - 57, that's a near thing and not a mandate. Crap, it wasn't a "mandate" in '04. It's almost never a damn' mandate and yet whoever wins always claims it is.

Electoral college is designed to give a definitive victory -- as perhaps it should; but a wise victor (none of them are) bears the popular results in mind.

Why do you keep mistaking me for a Republican? They suck. The Dems suck a little worse on most things and a whole lot worse on a few, IMO, is all.