Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gun Show Afternoon

     Along about 1630, I stopped feeling like hammered death; so I thunk a bit and then dug out my 36" pennyfarthing bike to ride down the Monon to the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show--


     - Broad Ripple Hipsters and Gunnies react about the same to a highwheel bike: half the adults and all the kids are openly delighted, and the remainder are one-quarter sourpusses, almost one-quarter who have a sly grin, and one-in-ten who says, "Neat!" or "That looks like fun!" etc.

     - Despite bikes being free admission to the Fairgrounds, there's a dearth of racks to lock 'em up.  Found a place I didn't mind too much, a fence near a service entrance, and cleared it with the parking/security guy.  But they otta maybe charge bikes carryin' grown-ups a buck and use the proceeds to buy some bike racks.

     - No line at 1700 for a show that closes at 1800, but a steady flow of people inbound nevertheless.  And plenty crowded inside, too.

     - Mike Williamson's blog, which usually does okay, has been (his words) "burning up the Internet" with some 100K+ days for his various fiskings and rebuttals to Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden's goofy plans and proposals. --And he darned well should be getting that many hits.  Mike's tables were pretty busy too, with his usual assortment of T-shirts, knives (practical and fantasy), books and collectable firearms.

     - If I'd wanted .22 LR, and I do, I'd'a been nearly outta luck.  What is there is sellin' for $16/50 at best.  I need to check stock here at Roseholme Cottage; when my Ruger Mk. II was acting up, I set some of the cheaper stuff aside for later.

     - Natch, I bought a gun, a teeny-weeny Astra "Firecat" .25, a plain one to go with the fancy engraved generic Eibar-type Tam gave me last birthday.  Some are striker-fired and some have concealed hammers but they're very much all of a pattern, the purse-and-vest-pocket arms of an earlier time, good mostly for telling ruffians, "Step back, sirrah, I have a gun."  (That was back when most malefactors, not having benefit of sanitized TV and movie violence, realized a .25 to gizzard or gullet was gonna hurt pretty bad.  Even now, it's better than a sharp stick.)

     May go back tomorrow.


pdb said...

- If I'd wanted .22 LR, and I do, I'd'a been nearly outta luck. What is there is sellin' for $16/50 at best.


Anonymous said...

Did you really mean $16 for 50 rounds of 22lr????

Tam said...

My usual ammo sellers had Federal 550rd bricks for $37.50/550rds. (And only a couple bricks left at that price.)

Old NFO said...

Glad you're feeling better, and that is WAY expensive for .22... I starting bitching about prices when it went to $.75 for 50!

Dave H said...

a .25 to gizzard or gullet was gonna hurt pretty bad

As Col. Cooper said, "A .22 to the tear duct stops more decisively than a 9 to the wishbone."

I've paid close to $10 for a hundred rounds of CCI Mini-Mags, but $16/50 is nuts. I think I'll give the 10/22 a rest and see if the Mosin-Nagant wants to come out and play. (At least I think it's not an evil assault rifle yet. I better ask Governor Cuomo.)

Roberta X said...

Tam tells me I missed the good prices for .22 -- either overlooked or too late!

Anonymous said...

Roberta_X - [A] .25 to gizzard or gullet was gonna hurt pretty bad. Even now, it's better than a sharp stick.

One of my pet peeves is the insistence among some in the shooting community that just about anything less than an elephant gun is "not suitable" for personal defense.

While the .25 (or a .22, for that matter) is hardly a death ray, I doubt that the average crook, surprised to find that his intended victim is armed and ready to shoot, is going to closely examine the gun pointed at his vitals to determine how likely he is to survive a hit or two from it.

And $16 for a 50 round box of 22LR???? Thank heavens I bought a couple of 550 round bricks of the stuff a few months ago that I haven't gotten around to burning up yet.

Larry said...

Our gun show came to an abrupt end Saturday when Cletus discharged his unloaded shotgun to show the nice deputy how unloaded it was.

Drang said...

At this point, we may be starting to see ammo selling for higher prices because the sellers are paying higher wholesale. Not sure. The reputable dealers are charging more for .223/5.56mm, but not exorbitantly so; OTOH, I saw one guy today selling "full" stripper clips of .223 for $16.00...