Sunday, January 06, 2013

I'm Just In

     Or just past just in.  Worked all night, planned outage, some surprise consequences.  Cooking now, more later!


BGMiller said...

Forget us dear lady.
Get some breakfast down then get your head down for a bit.

Pretty sure there are some new pictures of cats with silly captions we can look at or something.


Old NFO said...

I hate nights like that... it's those 'little' surprises that tend to bite one in the butt...

Roberta X said...

Benjamin: And pass up a chance to turn Life inta' Art? Ha, sez I, Ha HAH!

rickn8or said...

As your story showed, these are times which shows the difference between "actual wiring" and "documented wiring."

Anonymous said...

That is why I always revised my design drawings to show "as built".

Roberta X said...

Despite our best efforts -- or worst, in the case of some of my peers -- the level of complexity and non-linearity in the system I work on is so high that the wonder is not that it rarely fails, or how quickly we can fix it, but that it works at all.

My specific (if somewhat ill-defined) sphere picks up near the end of the process, where there are four primary bitstreams and about a dozen forks among 'em. Simplified signal flow one-line diagrams take up about dozen 8.5 X 11 sheets, drawn small (hooray for Visio!) and under constant revision (see earlier hooray). It is fraught with gotchas; and that's one of the simpler subsystems. "Conan the Objectivist's" real-life counterpart oversees the end-process monitoring system, and his one-lines fill a couple of fat binders.


markm said...

That is why I always revised my design drawings to show "as built".

Is management breathing down your neck while you're doing that, telling you this project is finished and the *next* one is behind schedule?