Saturday, January 05, 2013

It's Better To Have A Gun When You Need One

     ...Sometimes even if you're clueless on how to shoot it.  Even if it's a BB gun!  I don't recommend that method but it worked.

      The tl;dr version: a woman in Muncie, a mom with grown kids, surprised an intruder (taking her Xbox apart!) in her home and reached for the shotgun she'd never shot.  Picked up a BB gun instead, which proved to be more of a threat than the intruder cared to brave; she marched him outside and yelled next door for her adult son to call 911.

     Score: Mom 1, bad guy 0.  And she's going to go learn how to shoot. (And, for that matter, not shoot; it really is safer if you know how to work the firearms you've got -- even BB guns.)


BobG said...

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Eck! said...

The problem with the hole at the end is there is no indication whats going to come out of it.

Besides if the news really knew what that was, likely a high power springer or nitro piston they would be calling it an assault BB gun.

Looks a lot like my 1000fps pellet rifle. Great for small game and small varmints.


Roberta X said...

"The problem with the hole at the end is there is no indication whats going to come out of it."

Not really seeing that as a problem, myself.

Old NFO said...

Good for her! And I hope she DOES learn the differences...

greg said...

Glad there was a happy ending so we can joke about it.

I'll tell you grown up air rifle(Gamo Whisper) is nothing to laugh at. Having done some totally unscientific testing on large russet 'taters, I truely believe that my pellet rifle is capable of delivering a fatal wound to a human. If that pellet can pass lengthwise through a large potato, I'm pretty sure it could make a mess out of the soft tissues in your throat.

Might not be a 'DRT' type injury, but you'll get them eventually.