Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tinfoil? Check. Hat? Check. Tragic Fate? Check.

     Gloating at HuffPo?  Check.  Keith Ratliff, manager of YouTube channel FPS Russia, was found tied to a chair and shot in the back of the head three days ago.  Over on the gunnie side, there's folks looking askance at the crime, finding it a bit over-timely.

     I may be too cynical but I'm not seeing good odds for conspiracy, not from a that can't even pull off smuggling guns into Mexico without its own guys crying foul.  (All due respect, but ATF agents aren't noted for much in the way of shining libertarianism.)

     Meanwhile, Caleb at Gun Nuts from August, 2012, when a cameraman for FPS Russia met up with flying shrapnel from a stunt gone wrong: "The problem is that his attention to safety is non-existent, and it was only a matter of time before someone got injured during one of his idiotic stunts."

     Halfwit HuffPo pseudokarma?  Conspiracy?  Misadventure? Unclear at this point -- and well worth keeping an eye on, however it plays out.


Ruzhyo said...

I think any kind of conspiracy is very, very unlikely. But it did tweak my tinfoil hat contact points coming so close on the heels of John Noveske's passing in a car accident.

Jess said...

After examining the news articles and relying on my personal experience with news stories, I'm thinking only the investigator and coroner will have any information worth using for an opinion. I doubt that information will be available for a long time.

Tam said...

Just because that cloud looks like a pony doesn't mean it's actually a giant sky pony.

Tam said...

(...and this particular cloud doesn't even really look very pony-like. You gotta really, really want to see the pony to even get a sorta pony-ish outline.)

Anonymous said...

Fed.gob(sic) couldn't smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartels without its own guys crying foul, it is true.

However, they sure did seem to do it with no adverse consequences. Most everyone seems to have kept their cushy job.

There is, of course, more than one explanation for the sinister way that poor fella met his end. The countryside makes up for a generally lower overall level of violence, compared to any given urban anthill, with a higher spookiness factor for some cases.

Mike James

LabRat said...

Waaaaaay out in front of conspiracy I'm seeing:

1. Pissed off someone willing to do something final about it. Best way to get murdered if you're not actively involved in crime yourself.

2. This is the gun-Jackass equivalent of folks who die like this guy did. There was the sort of accident no one would want to own up to being involved in.

Roberta X said...