Monday, January 28, 2013

What Worries Claire Wolfe

   ...Is an NRA-approved, GOP-complicit "compromise" that bans some or all private firearms sales.

     They've been boiling this frog for years; the Gun Control Act of 1968 ratcheted up the requirements for Federally-licensed gun sellers (FFLs, which began under the Federal Firearms Act of 1938) and essentially outlawed mail-order gun sales.  It also gave us logging of most ammunition sales, a bit of .gov snoopiness that lasted until FOPA 1986, which turned some burners under the frog-pot down and turned others up -- but never let up on the heat. (Some present-day pundits would like ammunition-sales logging to return, of course.)

     Citizens are not frogs; we have options other than leaping out or getting boiled.  Contact your legislators and contact the NRA.  Hold the line!


Old NFO said...

Concur, the line is drawn, now the question is who will support it?

Tam said...

Why the Brady Act is listed under FOPA is beyond me.

That was a separate law, passed seven years later. The only thing FOPA "turned up" was the closing of the NFA registry to new machine guns, and even that was added through legislative chicanery at the eleventh hour.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, it looks like the Quicken Loans/Intuit have already decide to Ban Guns Sales through their Credit Card System, and PayPal won't allow a whole bunch of Gun Parts and Accessories to be Sold through their System.

Funny thing is, the people who own and run those Companies are BIG TIME Obama supporters.

So who needs to pass a Law?

Robert Fowler said...

I have been writing mu congress critters every week. I also sent the NRA a letter.

It's past time for the NRA to stand up for the membership and quit compromising with politicians and other gun haters.

Ken said...

Letters sent to NRA and to the one senator from my state who wouldn't be an utter waste of keystrokes (not sure that he's a gimme for our side, either, which makes the letter worth the effort).

Thiet ke logo said...

PayPal won't allow entire of Gun Parts and Accessories to be Sold through their System.