Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Does 47,565 Equal One Millon?

When it's a Million Moms For Gun Control! (No link, look 'em up yourself.)  Or maybe it's 103,087, which is the number Facebook says is "talking about" the group.  They've got 47,565 "likes," meaning less than half of those talking about them actually like them.

     Meanwhile, their page has comments with links to pro-gun articles like this: Why this liberal no longer believes in gun control.

     ...And they say an ill wind never blows up real good!

     (Let's see, even if they achieved their membership goal of a a million moms...  H'mm, carry the three...  Nope, still a quarter or less of the NRA's 4 million-plus dues-paying members.  Have you joined yet?  By the way, NRA's received 2,122,420 "likes.")


Old NFO said...

Yep, reality sucks in their case...

Divemedic said...

Since Sandy Hook, I have:
1 Given two gift memberships to the NRA.
2 One of the two gift memberships talked two friends into joining the NRA.
3 Inspired another person to join as a life member.

So in two months, I have increased the membership by 5. If every member would do that, gun control would die forever.

It only costs $25.

Jess said...

I'm guessing some news babe will gush with emotion, while extolling the number of "moms" for gun control.

Meanwhile, in the real world, real moms find that their safety depends on how much they're willing to do for protection. I'm thinking most will choose a firearm over helplessness.

Sabra said...

Putting some outrageous number in the name of your Facebook page/group seems to be guaranteed comedy. I've yet to see one that got the claimed number of likes. One million is such a nice round number everyone seems to use it, and no one seems to reach it.