Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joe "Triangulator" Donnelly

     Ol' Joe has done spake.  He says he's foursquare against a new "assault weapons" ban.  Universal background checks, now that, he's kinda for.

     Oooo, C for effort pard, but you failed the course.  And thanks for playing.  Next! 

     I woke up thinking maybe I'd been a little harsh -- after all, he is a Democrat.  It's only fair to go to the Senator's own website and see what he has to say for himself.  Answer: not much.  Exactly zero on him opposing a new AWB and about background checks, this: "...the National Instant Criminal Background Check System,[...]. That system still does not work as well as it should and should be examined again in the coming weeks."  And he led that off with a wistful observation about how the two parties came together in the aftermath of the Virgina Tech shootings to beef up NICS.

     C'mon, Joe, you can do better.  Do you want to be the long-term Senator from Indiana, or another there-and-gone fluke?


Jess said...

I'm beginning to think their thick heads might actually be soaking up the fact people are a little irritated with their meddling.

Now, if we can only get fiscal responsibility to soak in. I have a feeling it's going to be like cleaning up a spilled glass of tea with a rock.

The Jack said...

I've said as much to O'Joe (as a bonus his site finally got updated with local mailing address and a contact form).

We'll see if it'll get through his minders.

JohninMd.(help?) said...

Heh. tell me again why the smarmy dem was picked over the tripped-on-my-lip GOP guy? 2A is the issue of personal freedom, and the Dems are our BLOOD ENEMIES. just sayin'.....