Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's On

     Between the SD police chief who figures he can disarm everybody "in a generation" and the Mayor of Chicago leaning on firearm manufacturers banks, it's pretty clear the antigunners are swinging for the fences this time.  (Speaking of strong antigun tactics, remember the New York newspaper's map of handgun permit holders?  It wasn't even accurate!)

     Tough.  You're not getting it.  You're sure as hell not getting my guns.  I stay outta D.C., NYC and Chi-town, and you stay the hell out of my safe.

     And I'm done listening to calls for "compromise."  The antis don't really want compromise.  They want whatever they can get now and they'll be back later for the rest of your firearms rights later -- followed by the rest of the Bill of Rights, already plenty nibbled-at.

     It's well past time to say "enough" -- and to keep on saying it, by whatever means it takes to get 'em to hear.


Anonymous said...

Testify Sister Bobbi!


Crusty said...

Amen and well said!

JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

You can't 'compromise' with your Blood Enemy. Read Micheal Bane's blog of monday. As you do, pretty much nails it.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Hes doing a reduction in force of the US military??Why do you think His private army is getting stronger and getting 7000 "AR 15s"? (yeah Ar15s with a variable selector switch) He and His fellow travelers are planning on taking over this country and He just can't have a couple of million gun bearing PATRIOTS standing in the way.