Sunday, January 27, 2013

President Says Gun Control Advocates Should Listen More

    ...Curb your tingling leg; he says not much more: "...advocates of gun control have to do a little more listening than they do sometimes."  And even that is couched in the bizarre city/county frame he has used in the past, in which people in "the country' and "hunting traditions," while city people have no need of icky g-u-n-s.

     Meanwhile, crimes against persons occur most often in -- class?  Yes, that's right: in cities!

     I live in a city.  I can't carry a policeman around.  I do carry a gun.  And you and your gun-control pals need to listen a lot more to that reality, Mr. President.


Tango Juliet said...

Um... Hear Hear! :)

Tam said...

Even if I could carry a policeman around, he'd just be for backup.

skidmark said...

"I can't carry a policeman around. I do carry a gun."

SCOTUS says cops have no duty or obligation to protect any given individual. Their job is to come out after the crime has been committed, draw chalk lines around your body and try to find evidence they can use to hang on Sumdood who seems to be ripe for blameing this one on.

Carrying one around just gets an early start on confirming that a crime has been committed. Might want to remiond Tam of that, too.

stay safe.

Ritchie said...

Interesting to note that when city people move to the country, frequently they comment that "Oh, I can have/I need a gun now." Not fully realizing that the greatest hazard to humans is other humans, and the places with the greatest density of humans are Not to downplay the implications of relative isolation either.

Bubblehead Les. said...

And if we don't listen to him? What's next? A "Re-Education Program?"

Chalkie said...

I don't for a second believe this is an ideology statement of his. It's a strategy/tactictal statement. "Stop sounding so shrill, they're catching on to us" is what I think he's really saying. Even people who aren't normally very interested in the second amendment are suddenly becoming aware of what's at stake.