Sunday, January 06, 2013

Speaking Of Gerry Anderson

     (Who is much-missed): this photo suggests USAF may've been a fan!  ;)


jed said...

Noted his passing recently, and watched a couple episodes of Thunderbirds. I was impressed. I also think that building all those miniatures, and sets for them to appear in, would be way more fun than sitting in front of a computer, programming CGI.

I've seen other examples of the 'graft this onto a plane to try it out' method. They remind of the nose-mounted missiles on the UFO (British TV) series.

Roberta X said...

Very much so!

Anonymous said...

Ironically the B-57 was also a license built version of the English Electric Canberra, thus closing the loop back to the home of Gerry Anderson.

Earl Harding

Competitive Advantage said...

B-57 looks interesting. It may be one of the USAF historical planes.