Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hoosier Angle On Gun Control

     Senator Dan Coates stands up for RKBA.

     Senator Joe Donnelly?  A cipher.  Still.  He was A-rated by NRA going into the election but he's a true-blue Democrat...who won in a conservative state on a combination of that A-rating, union support and a very conservative opponent with a bad case of foot-in-mouth.  So, Joe, what's it gonna be?  Scuttle your shot at another term in the first month of this one, or stand up against the President and your party line as a freshman Senator?  (My bet is he'll try to "run with the hounds and hunt with the hares" or something equally muddled, by laying low until the furor dies down.  Gonna vote, Joe?  I've made a list and I will be checking it at least twice!)

     Representative Andre Carson, predictably, blathers about the 2A...then carefully triangulates himself right behind the President.  It saddens me to see this from a man who probably does know about the Black Panthers open-carrying loaded guns while non-violently protesting in California in 1967 and what a panicked state legislature did about it -- saddens me but does not surprise me.  I guess The Man can keep the people down, as long as Congressman Carson gets to be The Man?

     Across the aisle, Our Ms. Brooks (Congresswoman Susan Brooks is Roseholme Cottage's Rep 'cos we are just outside the Carson Line) hasn't a thing to say about RKBA so far.  Tsk, and her a good Republican, too.  Ma'am, your response to this question will count towards your grade.

     Meanwhile, at the State level, there's good news about switchblades -- and for a good reason: the sponsor points out that malefactors can carry and wield sturdier fixed-blade knives and concealment of even those knives is not difficult: yes, ladies and gentlemen, step right up and have a look as actual logic is employed by a politician.  (He must be new to trade.)

     Other bills would keep state agencies -- including universities -- from "prohibiting the possession of firearms, ammunition or firearms accessories...",  limit the arrest ability of J. Random Federal Enforcer and -- yet again -- the Indiana Firearms Freedom Act returns.

     I can't find the link but reportedly, Governor Mike Pence has said he's opposed to any new gun control in Indiana.  That's what the big ol' VETO stamp is for, Governor.

     Local media reports women are well-represented among the increasing number of gun-buyers; and I don't know how many are first time buyers, but the State Police are reporting a huge increase in applications for Indiana's License To Carry Handgun, so much so that some may take up to four months to process.*

      Meanwhile, Full Disclosure has the skinny on "assault weapons" in a simple, clear manner.  Mostly speaks to the California law but well worth sharing:

* Note the layers of editorial oversight: the studio reporter refers to "permits to buy a gun."  That's not how it works in Indiana; a permit is only required to carry a handgun.


Anonymous said...

What was Roseholm Cottages' verdict on Dan Coates again? At the time of the election, I mean.

Mike James

Roberta X said...

He was something of a cipher himself; he'd been a bit of a RINO in the past, squishy on RKBA and hadn't lived in the state for quite some time -- though unlike Mr. Lugar, he did bother to move back before running.

Could be he's taken a little schooling.

Old NFO said...

I think it's much the same state to state... dammit...

Chalkie said...

I had no idea that laws regarding knives that open easily were so established. I'd want one just because so many times I've found out that I needed a knife after I was already up a pole, or holding wires that need to be stripped.

Tam said...

Old NFO,

"I think it's much the same state to state... dammit..."

What "dammit"? The only legislation on the slate here in Indiana is more PRO-gun legislation, just like all the other Red States.

The only states stampeding towards more gun control are states that already HAD strong gun control, who are going to do it again, but harder.

Two Americas.