Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Nice Storm

     Oh, if only that had been what the nice man inside my TV had said.  He didn't; he said, "An ice storm," and it's freezing raining or sleeting outside right now, a steady susurrus of tiny little Faerie hailstones just at the cusp of freezing hard enough to clatter like the sands of time, piling up in corners and clefts in a hit-melt-refreeze cycle that bodes ill for the dawn.

     As in, might not have juice.  Might not have DSL

    Temperatures are supposed to climb pretty rapidly tomorrow; all this mess should be in the storm drains by noon.  Between now and noon -- ah, there's the adventure.  Or something.

     For now, the trash is out, the laundry is running, Tam has volunteered the Subie as Emergency Back-Up Vehicle Du Jour Of The Day and I'm getting on the outside of a bowl of warm beef stew, revved up with chickpeas,* diced red bell pepper, chives and a splash of hot sauce.  I'm prewarming the bed with an electric blanket, just in case.

     Maybe it'll just be a nice storm.  Guess I'll find out.
* I admit it: I love 'em.  Chickpeas, ceci, garbanzos, whatever you call 'em.  They were my favorite ingredient in umpteen-bean soup and the Indians (East) do marvelous things with them.  Hot, cold, buttered or spiced, they're one of my comfort foods, especially on a cold and stormy night.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty piece of writing in that first paragraph

greg said...

Don't quite share your enthusiasm for chick peas. About the only thing I do with them is smash them up roughly, and mix them in with ground turkey and cumin and worchester sauce to make a hella hearty turkey burger.

Old NFO said...

Snuggle in and stay warm...

Old NFO said...
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Joanna said...

Hummus is one of the best things ever.

That's all I got.