Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's Breakfast

     It was an experiment: a nice, smoky Surry sausage cooked in a little bit of water while poaching an egg beside it.

     Totally. Successful.  Oh, yum!  Especially with toast slathered with orange marmalade on the side.

     A Note for the Cook: when poaching eggs* over the years, I have used a number of grease-type substances to keep eggs from sticking to egg rings.  I was out of shortening and real butter, and I didn't trust the bacon fat; so I wiped olive oil on it and got the egg cracked in immediately after setting the ring in the near-boiling water.  It worked great!  YMMV but it could be worth a try.
* Technical note: it's really "poaching" only when you gather them in the wild, out of season.


Chris said...

Re: your point about "really" poaching eggs.

This makes me recall the joke about the recipe for Gypsy chicken soup:
1. Steal a chicken
. . .

Anonymous said...

Right with you on the orange marmalade. Why is this not more widely available in restaurants???

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried coconut oil yet, do it. The stuff is amazing.