Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Other Side (GOP Rebuttal)

     Oh, this should be rich...

     Starts a little more personally, as befits the much more intimate setting.

     Personal immigration story -- and his is a good one.  Opened with general comments on social mobility in the U.S., moves onto his, cites free markets as the reason and contrasts that with the President's, "tax more, borrow more and spend more."

     Damn, he talks purty.  Sure wish his party did more of what they talk about: smallerizing gummint.

     Whackin' on ObamaCare.  And he's not making up the problems some businesses are having affording compliance.  It's true.  How widespread, I don't know.

     Says the Prez won't fight fair.  --Well, sir, that's how politics works.  Say it but please don't whine.

     Ah, he's not -- hits his middle-class, immigrant roots again.  "I oppose your plans because I want to protect my neighbors -- hard-working, middle-class..."  Oh, please don't be hyping, this will be fact-checked.

     Says the President's tax-increase for deficit reduction numbers are unrealistic.

     He want the energy sector to grow, too.  Now on how, there's disagreement.  Well, there would be.

     ...Pushing for better schools, etc.  Standard stuff, really only varies from the President in details.  This is why I'm an LP voter.

      Student loans....  Yeah, that's a puzzler and all the worse for the lack of jobs for the freshly-degreed.

     Onto the deficit again.  We're all mild white fish: scrod.  Of course, he doesn't quite say that.

    Pledges how he loves the MediCare.  'Cos old people will mess you up bad if you don't.

     "Accountable, efficient and effective government."  Roll back to the 1903 version, please.  Bonus: that's before that bastard Wilson segregated it, too.

     Oh feh, pious plea for bipartisanship.  Et tu, Rubio?  C'mon, I send men and women to Washington to spar with one another, not hold hands and sing songs.

     More sob stories.  With hope!

     (This thing is even more content-free than the President's.  He's kind of channeling Reagan lite.)

     Could have sucked worse.  But not Mention One of the Second Amendment.  Sigh.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"C'mon, I send men and women to Washington to spar with one another, not hold hands and sing songs."

Now there's an idea! Add on an official pugil stick arena to the Capitol Building. Anytime a bill can't get a 2/3 majority approval, the sponsors have to fight it out against a champion of the opposition's choosing (not that the results of the bout would have no bearing on whether or not the bill passes, but it might make them a little more selective about what bills get introduced).

Budget impasse? To the arena!

Speaker of the House and President pro tem of the Senate can be selected each year by tournament, for the amusement of the citizens.

At least we'd get some decent entertainment in exchange for their lofty salaries.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The biggest mistake we ever made was paying them.

The second biggest mistake we ever made was actually electing the people who wanted the job, instead of hanging or shooting them.

Ken said...

Rubio is positioning for "his turn"...

...in 2020 or thereabouts, because the GOP won't run an all-Florida ticket in 2016, when the nominee will be Jeb Bush. Remember, you heard it here first.

Roberta X said...

"'His turn.'" His frikkin' turn. When is his Party gonna stop lining up nice, safe dependable drones who parrot lines of Reagan speeches without more than half-understanding them and actually try running a candidate with some real ideas and a little zeal, who could actually win, or at least manage to not piddle away his effort with ill-considered remarks and an effete intention to lose graciously?