Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Am Awake

     Overslept, the electric blanket is on the fritz, an important drain stopped up (and I cleared it), cleaned up, started laundry, cooked a little breakfast and now I'm waiting for "Gabby Giffords' astronaut husband"[1] to show up on Meet The Press and explain how he isn't planning to take (all) my guns away (yet).

     Ew, just had to sit through 20 seconds of Chris Matthews explaining how mean ol' 'pubs are the only thing preventing Mr. Obama from creating Jerusalem in (our) green and pleasant land.[2]  Riiiiiight.  'Cos any pol or group of them, ever, could bring us on the jubilee.

     The Mark Kelly interview went exactly as expected.  Him and Bloomberg, the new Other Side.
1. That's gotta rank right down there with being "Mr. Ayn Rand," although -- and I'm sad for her about it -- there's about zero chance Mark will ever be as thoroughly overshadowed as Frank


3. Which reminds me of a fascinating Ward Moore book, possibly about being careful what you wish for on a couple of levels.


Drang said...

Enough of the legislation being introduced around the country these days involves telling me I either have to turn in ("sell back" my fourth point of contact!) my guns, or cannot pass them on to anyone, that they just need to STFU about "not wanting to take away our guns."

Ritchie said...

I thought astronauts were supposed to be good with complex systems. Oh well.

jed said...

... now we have to take him over to the fish tank and sing.

And I have dueling earworms: Emerson Lake & Palmer vs. Sinead O'Connor.

@Ritchie. This is not an issue involving rational thought processes. If it were, my AR would have an auto sear, and I'd be buying bandoliers of .556 NATO for about a quarter a round.