Thursday, February 21, 2013

Positive Gun Coverage On TV

     It does exist, but you've got to look close.  In this case, an unlikely partnership resulted in a positive story when IMPD -- yes, the same IMPD I pick on over officer DUI; it's a big force and most of them are darned good police -- invited a local TV news anchor to run through a one-day training course that included simulator time and actual range time.

     The result is a pretty positive story.  The police training course emphasizes the ambiguity of real-world situations and the need to exercise judgement and control; good things to know and to learn before you need them, IMO.

     While this story is framed with "more women are becoming gun-owners," there may be a little more backstory to it; there's a proposal under study by the Legislature to create another level of Indiana's License To Carry Handgun, a photo-ID card with a training requirement, in an effort to get more reciprocity.  Sponsors swear our shall-issue, background-check-only permit would remain.  Gun-owner opinion is divided; I learned last night that people I know have testified pro and con.  If non-resident permits become harder to obtain, this idea might have merit; as it stands, a Floria/Utah non-resident permit combo covers just about every state that offers reciprocity.


BobG said...

Utah used to be accepted in more states; Nevada and New Mexico no longer accept a Utah CCW.

Rob K said...

Conversely, I suggested constitutional carry to my state senator, including in the email the change sets necessary to current law to make it happen. He seemed quite interested. His legislative assistant called me later to give me an update, which sadly was that it wouldn't be pushed this year because of the political climate created by Newton.

If all of us ask for it, I think we can get it.

Anonymous said...

Why do they always do like FATS or some Force on Force scenario? Why doesn't the media just go to the range and have someone teach them not to stick themselves in the eye with it?

Shootin' Buddy

Joe Huffman said...

AlphaMike, who I sometimes quote and who sometimes comments on my blog, is a gun lobbyist in Idaho. He and I have had several long talks about what he calls "two tier carry permits".

He has me pretty much convinced it's a good deal for gun owners. The extra reciprocity for the "top tier" permit makes it more convenient for people who travel. The "bottom tier" permit is easy for people that don't have the time, money, whatever, to get the training for the "top tier".

I would prefer Constitutional Carry for the "bottom tier" but that is a harder sell to the legislature and gives zero reciprocity to those with limited time and or money.

Tam said...

Rob K,

Funny, I was just talking on the phone to somebody about that last night, after he'd got done testifying before the senate committee.

He was going to get in touch with his senator.

Skip said...

So..with a Kali and a Utah and a 'Zonie permit, can I show up at your blogger lunch totin'?

Tam said...


You can show up at a Blogmeet with a Zimbabwe permit. IN honors all CCW permits.

Roberta X said...

Yeah, what Tam said; Indiana took the "full faith and credit" clause at its word when it came to gun permits.