Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drones On A Starship?

     Hey, if they'll put snakes on a plane...!

      A new historical vignette at I Work On A Starship:
     When you see a skinny geek with bad digestion striding along with that "pilot" look in his eyes, or a smiling, tiny young woman in a powered wheelchair talking shop with a squirt-booster driver or a rigger, you've found yourself a remote op.  On a civilian starship like Lupine, you're sure not going to be able to ID them by their collar pin: they won't wear them.

     Read the rest here.


Wayne Conrad said...

I love this chapter. I wish it were on Earth as it is in space.

naleta said...

I was happy to see this addition. More, please? *big puppydog eyes*

Roberta X said...

I'm trying. Sometimes it is difficult to fin the time -- and both the current arc and another story I am working on have reached the point of needing serious continuous chunks of time to diagram the plot.