Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paxton Zumbo Quigley?*

     Aw, darn it.  Early adopter Paxton Quigley -- as in Armed & Female -- had a bad case of the Zumboes talking to pompus twit Piers Morgan.  She was goin' along great guns and then-- and then--  In re Uncle Joe Biden's Home Defense Advice, Paxton said, "...Well, I agree with him that I think an AR-15 is not something that the normal, average citizen should have."

     No, no, no.  Geesh, it's just a rifle.  With a lot of accessories, but it doesn't fire an especially powerful round (in the common .223 chamberings), it doesn't fire them any faster than any other semiautomatic rifle, and it's a normal, average gun; there are more AR-15s at a typical Indy 1500 gun show than any other model of gun -- and that includes the popular and widely-copied lever-action cowboy rifles.  Before the panic creatures like Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein stirred up, it was the cheapest good rifle you could buy and by far the most versatile; they managed to make it even more popular and now they're selling as fast as they can be made, at amazing prices.

     And Paxton Quigley is selling them out.   Selling us out, too, to a pomaded, tea-drinking twit unworthy to wipe up after H. L. Mencken's dog. Please, please, someone take her to the range with an AR-15 and show her what she's talking nonsense about, before she Zumboes herself into irrelevance.  Wake up and smell the fail, lady: if you give them my AR-15 now, they'll be back for the revolver in your purse by and by.  Antis gonna ant; give them a foot -- or a round -- and they'll take a whole magazine.
* I was thinking about "Quigley down under the bus" for a title, but she's throwing herself there and it seems overly mean to capitalize on it.


Old NFO said...

Yep she DID sell out! Hard to believe...

Anonymous said...

She's falling into the trap of "need": you don't NEED an AR-15.

Now, logically, this is true: millions of Americans live long, happy, healthy lives without an AR-15 in the closet.

But it's not a question of "need": it's a question of "right". Unfortunately, Quigley (and some other guns owners I know), in an effort to appear "reasonable" and show their concern For the Children(TM), lose sight of our rights.

You don't NEED an AR-15.

You also don't NEED to go to church, be able to petition for redress of grievences, have the police show a warrant* when they come to your house, a jury when you're on trial, etc. Want to give those up, too?


(*) And make no mistake: that's the next right to be sacrificed on the altar of public safety.

Phssthpok said...

Just a minor editorial note: You left out 'sanctimonious', and misspelled 'Twit'.

'A', not 'I'.

Tam said...


"[Y]ou don't NEED an AR-15."

She went right past "don't need", and straight to "shouldn't have", which is much worse.

Roberta X said...

Doc, I'm not even sure it's about "need" to her -- it almost sound like she's playing the "blonde" card, that the AR-15 is too scary/ugly for anyone as cute as her -- and, magnanimously, me and Piers and everyone else, too, other than soldiers and police -- to even consider owning.

...And this is the same person who, moments before, was pointing out that women generally prefer smaller guns. Like, I dunno, an AR-15 with a legally-short barrel and an adjustable stock?

I'm hoping it's simple ignorance. That's correctable.

Dave H said...

There's a comedy TV show in England called Mock the Week. I've been watching reruns of it on Youtube. From comments the comics make on there, it seems they have much the same opinion of Piers Morgan that we do.

Drang said...

I posted to Jeremy Clarkson's wall and asked him to come over and finish the job he started.

Ritchie said...

Heh. "Panic creatures". We haz them.