Friday, February 15, 2013

"Senator Donnelly Breaks With His Party Over State Of The Union...:"

     That's what the television told me, right before going to commercials (I'm pretty sure my brand-new Cheforyota has more fiber than the other cars and will be whiter than white with fifty percent fewer cavities for President's Day but I might not've been paying close attention, I was so excited).  Wowzers, ol' Triangulator Joe finally grew a spine on the gun issue?

     He's been trying to saw that baby in half: No, no, no for a new scary-black-rifle ban but yes, yes, yes for universal regis- er, background checks and [inaudible mutter] on magazine capacity, last time I checked.  And now it looked as if he'd picked a side -- my side!

     Or had he?

     Don't count your chickens before they come home to roost: the dancing Presidents waltzed away,*the station logo popped up, the happy talking heads came back and they told me Joe Donnelly had had enough with Federal preschool.  He wasn't gonna go along with President Obama's plans to get a zillion four-year-olds into the tender claws of a loving State, nosireeebob: that's a local matter, it is, and he would work with local officials, not vote down the the full might of Feds on their toddlers and school-tax bills.

     Um, thanks?  Me, I'm all for separation of School and State, as long as we can still make 'em play nice and colorblind but given where the fire and ire in the State of the Union was directed, it seems a  It reeks of prestidigitation and leaves me wondering what it might be that Our Junior Senators doesn't want to talk about.

     Whatever could it possibly be?
* I'm hardly a worshipper of The State And Its Leaders but I wouldn't cross the street to spit on the guy who thunk up the "dancing Washington and Lincoln" schtick for President's Day sale ads, even if he was on fire and I'd be paid to do it.  It's just not right.


Jess said...

I'd think any politician with an IQ above a barnyard animal would understand Obama has crossed the border of sanity. Maybe change is coming and it involves the dismantling of the progressive machine.

Roberta X said...

I think both sides underestimates how much the opposition likes the taste of their own koolade.

But I'm pretty sure only one flavor is poisonous.

Jess said...

I think you summarized it well. Now, the big question is: Which side is living in Jones Town?

Robert Fowler said...

If he was so against it, why doesn't he draft a bill to do away with the Department of Education? The education of our children should be at the highest, the state level. Too many bureaucrats sucking up the money that could be spent on silly things. Like books.

Harvey Morrell said...

Totally off topic, but I seem to recall that you had an interest in microcars. Here's your chance to own one - the worlds biggest microcar museum is going out of business and auctioning off their collection.

JD Rush said...

Senator Harkin sent me a response to an email:
Silly clinger, those guns are for your betters. I want to ban them. For the children. Obamacare rules.

That is the condensed version.

Roberta X said...

Thanks for the tip, Harvey! Probably too rich for my blood, but a girl can dream.