Saturday, February 02, 2013

Clint Van Zandt, Saint

     So here's Clint, Subject-Matter Expert on the morning news; and here's the Network News Guy, going on and on about the police response to the hostage over footage showing .mil-looking SWAT teams swarming over the location.

     Clint: "...He's got a TV in the bunker, so we may be talking to him now, while negotiators are building trust...  The little boy is unharmed.  This man is a veteran, he probably didn't mean to shoot anyone..." (et calming cetera.)

     TV News Guy muses aloud that this sort of thing usually ends in gunfire, "and not like in a TV show."

     Clint: "The hostage-taker and child are safe right now and let's have faith in the talking cure; he may have some statement he wants to have heard..."

     TV News Guy continues in the whole shot-by-policemen vein/only one possible ending to this, oblivious, and then cuts to commercial.  If Van Zandt didn't grab that dimwit by the throat and give him the what-for as soon as the "On Air" lights went out, then he's even more of a saint.

     Hey, stupid: he's got a TV in the bunker.  And you're on the TV.   Possibly even on that TV. Whyn't you refrain from from making things worse by idle talk and instead follow your hired expert's lead?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Because it's in his side's political interest.

"Crazed Vet gunnut dies in a hail of reighteous police bullets"

Good for rations. Good for moving the ball on the citizen disarmament political gridiron.

BobG said...

I agree with T-bolt; the reporter would love to have it end in gunfire so as to give a better story.

Anonymous said...

If it bleeds it leads!

Somebody go kick his ass.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

rations? RATINGS. Gah!