Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Political Class/Tooting Horns

     Think back to High School -- remember those obnoxious twits who ran Student Government?  Vain, shallow and ignorant of most anything but tennis and how to get votes?  How come is it that we ever believe they've gotten any wiser now that they're all grown up?

     I live-blogged the SOTU last night and made a stab at doing the same for Mr. Rubio's reply (which I found even more devoid of content than the original, though at least he sounded feisty.)

     Nacherly, the President declared war on our gun rights in his speech, repeating the same distortions and lies that have fueled the current efforts and asking for "a vote" on gun bans, magazine bans and "universal background checks" (a dogwhistle for registration).  The NRA's got a reply to that, and an appeal to call your Congressthing, at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on gun control.  And you can buy the T-shirt, Turk Turon's clever updating of the Revolutionary War plea for unity (all profits go to NRA!).


Stranger said...

It actually works better if you call their office directly. and pick your state from the pulldown in the upper right corner. and your ZIP code in the upper right corner.

One postage stamp is 45 cents, and I can usually manage three calls for 27 cents. And it does not spend three months in the delousing solution.

But do remember to mention that you will remember how they voted the next time you vote.


John A said...

Uh, our 1963 Senior Class President was 22, having recently gotten out of prison...