Saturday, February 16, 2013

H&R .22 Top-Break Revolver

     Added to the .22 revolver collection at last, an H&R .22 top-break.  It's a seven-shooter.  Based on information found here, it is probably a Premier No. 30, 6th variation, made between 1916 and 1924.  It's the 6" barrel version, blued, marked "22 RIM FIRE" so I may need to be careful what I shoot in it; the ads list .22 Short and .22 Long, not Long Rifle.  Still,the finish is in good shape other than some rust in the front of the grip frame, right where one's middle finger wraps around.  There's a nasty chip missing from the stocks, but I don't think it will affect shootability.

     Not the 999 I'd like to find but an H&R top-break .22 nonetheless.  With the Bekeart-type grips, it's like a slender version of my Iver Johnson top-break .22s.

     It's about time for me to do another .22 revolver photo-roundup.


BGMiller said...

If you have any trouble finding .22 shorts 'round those parts just let me know.

I should have a few boxes rattling around in the can 'o' assorted .22.


Tam said...

The problem isn't so much Long vs. Long Rifle (the only difference is the bullet weight) but one of pressure. Avoid anything advertised as $_SUPERLATIVE-Velocity.

"Standard-velocity" .22LR, such as that offered by CCI and labeled as such, should be okay.

Old NFO said...

Congrats! Looking forward to the pics and a range report!

JohninMd.(HELP!?) said...

Ah luvs me them .22 top-breaks. they speak of a...more civil era?... of practicality of what we used day to day. Enjoy it, hope it's all good mechanicly. Now if I could find a nice break-top bulldog that will take .45ACP in full-moon clips... you know, the HI-CAPACITY ones that hold six boolets.... £;^D}

Matthew said...

"Not the 999 I'd like to find but an H&R top-break .22 nonetheless."

"He was looking for a Hawken gun, .50 caliber or better. He settled for a .30, but damn, it was a genuine Hawken, and you couldn't go no better."