Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ed Rasimus

     We lost Ed Rasimus at the end of January and I haven't said anything here.  It's been gnawing at me; he was among my favorite people online and I always intended to read his books.  Never got around to it; I will now but it's too darned late to tell him.

     Godspeed, Ed.

     I haven't got anything to offer in memorial but my own writing and a berth for him on the Hidden Frontier.


Cincinnatus said...

I didn't know that.


I did not spot that he'd worked on the Robin Olds memoir. I really liked that.

Harvey Morrell said...

Nice tribute. I think you captured his 'essence.'

Sport Pilot said...

Good for you Bobbie. Well done indeed.

naleta said...

A good memorial. I didn't know him, but now I miss him, too.