Friday, February 01, 2013

You Know What's No Fun?

     Missing the dentist and working (unrelatedly) sick the whole day.  Fortunately (?) it was at a location where frequent trips to go laugh into the plumbing (or worse) were not a huge impediment other than the degree to which they inherently are.

     I couldn't've driven anywhere until it subsided anyway, so it was probably for the best -- I did get stuff done.


Old NFO said...

Hopefully you're better soon. Days like that truly suck!

danno said...

I feel your pain... My DDS wants to do some extensive excavation which to me feels like several weeks of painful recovery. But at least our temps are in the 60s these days.

Bundle up!

Chuck Pergiel said...

Phase of the moon? I had a very rough night last night too. Something I ate I expect.