Thursday, June 04, 2009

As Far As They Know.

A couple from Brooklyn (no, wait, they're SF fans) will be the first to marry in zero-G. The video -- a promotional bit from the commercial outfit that flies freefall parabolas for anyone (who can take it) with the price of a ticket -- is worth watching.

I don't know if anyone on the Hidden Frontier has preceded them to the zero-G hitchin' post but it seems unlikely; it's just not all that easy to grab free time during those occasions when a starship's not under acceleration. Floating is fun but life's easier when down is down.

Speaking of which, the next installment of I Work On A Starship, "Another Day, Part 11," is about ready to post. Watch this space!


og said...

Sweet! Taking vows on the Vomit Comet. Sounds like the pinnacle of geek.

Best of luck to them, lord knows.

Anonymous said...

"Do you take this Wookie Suiter to have and to cut down on the Internet, in good episodes of Dr. Who and in bad . . ."

Shootin' Buddy

staghounds said...

I wonder who were the first people to have sex in space.

There's a Slate article, but don't look for information in it. The author is clearly very, very ignorant:

"The panel-and-strap design of a space bed might not be that conducive..."