Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tactical Corset. With (good golly, Miss) MOLLE webbing, Fastex buckles an' a high-zoot zipper. What can I say? It's that whole neo-Victorian, steampunk esthetic. (I predict Tam, who's a real suffragette* an' would'a skipped the corset and worn bloomers back in The Day when that was a real rebel action, will snicker).

Thanx to Uncle!
* Best argument we ever had was the day I suggested we go back to only lettin' the boys vote. --Hey, looks where things have gone with the Feds ever since! But I was not entirely serious.


Shermlock Shomes said...

First the "little paper shorts" and now this. You are a cruel tease. ;)

rickn8or said...

Get it, get pictures and then let the guys vote.

(ducking and covering)

Lorimor said...

Kinda defeats the goal of achieving a slim n' sleek profile but I 'spose I could get used to it.

If they can build it heavy enough to brace up a pair of 38's, they have a winner.

Joanna said...

There's a real Weird West vibe about it. I think I just found something to do at work while I wait for things to process.

re: Voting -- anyone who says "I just want everyone to get along" or who throws board games because they like to see everyone win should have their privileges revoked, or at least receive a stern talking-to before entering the booth.

Jim said...

There's a Numrich of Hollywood joke in there somewhere, but it may not be worth reaching for.

Lorimor said...

Why not Jim? I reached for the low hanging humor fruit early on. It's OK.

Maxpedition's Secret?

og said...

We'll take up a collection if you model it.

Anonymous said...

Am I off my rocker or is there something very "Firefly" about that?

Do I have order a Wookie Suit now?

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X remotey said...

Do you look good in Wookie suit? ;)

For thoe wondering where Tam and I are this morning, the phone company shut off our internet at oh-dark-thirty, even though I'd paid the bill around 10 last night. ...Not soon enough.

Anonymous said...


There are photos, disturbing photos, of a Halloween custom in a galaxy, far, far away. I will show you someday.

Don't tell, Tam,

Shootin' Buddy