Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where's The...Sausage?

That's what Ruth Holladay, late of the Indianapolis Star, is asking. 'Cos one of the paper's offshoot magazineothingies ran a nifty story about that infamous messer-up of our gun laws and despoiler of banks, John Dillinger which featured a Fact or Fiction section that included an, oh, gee, how to say it? There's a long-running rumor that a, ahem, certain portion of the infamous outlaw's anatomy is kept in a jar at the Smithsonian (cos that's how they roll). And so on. Go ask Ruth, I'm too busy alternately blushing and snickering!


Turk Turon said...

I wonder if the Smithsonian is trying to extract DNA from it?


Might be a screenplay there:

"The Attack Of The Fifty Foot Johnson!"

Secesh said...

There used to be the same rumor a while back, but it was about Al Capone.