Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Typeblog

Update: The overly-clever point here -- which Tam and Crucis saw -- is that while the Corona Comet looks rilly rilly good, it's got some issues that make its output very difficult to read. Meanwhile, rattier machines are producing pretty good copy. Looks are nice but results are what counts!
Shot with a camera: the scanner was being stubborn.


Chas S. Clifton said...

The letterspacing there looks not unlike what my Portuguese-made Sears (Brother, actually) portable produces.

WV: tatatioc. No, it sounds more like splat-splat-splat

perlhaqr said...

Far, far too late, I'm afraid.

Turk Turon said...

I like the type blogging: no editing without strikethroughs!

wv: expen

Crucis said...

Man, is that hard to read. Think I'll pass.

Tam said...

Type blogging is neat as a oncet or twicet gimmick, but in concept it's like (to riff off W.J. Beck III) starting a fire by rubbing two lighters together... ;)

Rabbit said...

I'd be ok with John Galt's wise words to his 'hosts' as our National Motto:

"Get the hell out of my way."

I might add a corollary:

"Leave me the hell alone."


reflectoscope said...

MYOB: Fits on coinage more easily than, "In God We Trust, The Rest of You Keep Your Hands Where We Can See Them"


Tam said...