Saturday, June 20, 2009

BlogShoot/BlogMeet Updatederest

In re the BlogShoot: barring a public, outdoor range suddenly dropping full-fledged from above, I'm callin' it for Pop Guns. They open up at 1100 hours Sunday and it's a good idea to get there about 1055.

(Also, I'm having trouble typing because Thomas Cat loves the computer mouse and likes to smooth on it, which pushes the buttons. Next thing you know, there I am at the website for veterans of the Patagonian Army, wondering wha' hop?)

The BlogMeet is go for 1500 (also known as 3:oo p.m. but I wanna make sure Tam remembers) at Broad Ripple Brew Pub, 842 E. 65th St, just off beautiful downtown Broad Ripple. Blog readers, bloggers and shocked passers-by ("look, Edwina, it's some o' them-there bloggers!") are all welcome!

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Warthog said...

I'm thinking about coming down to one of the blog meets in July or August, what's the CCW policy at the meet?