Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump Day Already

And yesterday was one of those "push rock up hill, rock rolls back down over you" days. With the Great Digital Conversion of 2009 bearing down on us like a small dog passing peach pits, this is not good.

I have a short list of items in the Get Done Now category; managed to get one (1) of the less-critical ones on the list accomplished yesterday thanks to various distractions and this-won't-take-long add-ons (hey, what's an hour and a half, right? Not so much by itself but do it three times over and you have lost half a day), not to mention my own late start due to doctoring.

Some days you're the Wright Brothers; other days, you're Samuel Pierpoint Langley. The problem is you never know which is which.


Anonymous said...

As long as you don't pull a Corrigan...

Good luck with the rest of it, hopefully it is simply busy.


Mark Alger said...

"...never known which."

Yeah. If you did, you'd never get out of bed. And we can't have that.


Mikee said...

I note that Langely had the federal government research funds. The Wrights were entrepreneurs using their own money.

Not that it means anything....