Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Chicken Fingers?" Hah!

Remember When Mutated Frogs Were Harbingers Of Environmental DOOOOOM?

Now, maybe not so much. Seems dragonfly nymphs may have a taste for frog's legs (Ah, oui!) -- and just to add to the fun, there's a parasite that infects tadpoles that can cause 'em to grow extras! ...Seems like there'd be some way to achieve homeostasis there but I guess not.

Moral of story: Go. Find. Out. Sure, they hand down some fine tales from on high, but they're wrong a lot, too.

As for how this might apply to other things laid 'pon us by Wiser Heads, like "public option" nationalized health care, the horror that is Cap-and-Trade, or the various and assorts lumps of "Government Stimulus" and related bailouts, I will leave for the reader to decide, with one bit of advice: if a politician says something, it's mostly likely wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Pffft, I know this is not true because in "Red Planet" Val Kilmer is told that man is destroying Holy Nature with chemicals and the frogs were a warning to us stupid humans.

How dare you contradict Hollywood!

Shootin' Buddy