Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Good idea: Ordering something useful to and needed by one's employer on eBay.

Bad idea: Realizing after it hasn't shown up though UPS says it has that it was sent to your previous address.

I sure hope those folks still have the box -- I'll be headed up to my old place forthwithly to make inquiries. Wish me luck!

Update: And there it was on the porch. The locked porch. Locked by the eyehook I had installed, a "childproof" version that kept Thomas the determined tomcat from getting the screen door open during Porch Panther time. No one home, of course. Called up my old landlord, who was good enough to give the new tenant my phone number.

Made arrangements and picked up the device after work last night. Looks like the new tenant's got a black cat almost like mine!

H'mmm. I wonder if I can carry this gadget on my motorscooter?


Sam said...

So, how was your luck, dollface?

Joe said...

There's a reason UPS is pronunced OOPS!

Turk Turon said...

"H'mmm. I wonder if I can carry this gadget on my motorscooter?"

What could possibly go wrong?

wv: uranaten

And I have a screen-grab to prove it!

Jeff said...