Saturday, June 13, 2009


Phlegmmie recently posted a video from Peruvian wonder Yma Sumac, who did with her voice what her contemporary Raymond Scott needed a basement full of electronics to accomplish -- I have to wonder what might've happened had those two ever been divorced and in NYC at the same time! Some of her music is love it or hate it material, like the tour-de-force Chuncho, which spans her immense vocal range and includes eerie Tibetan-style throat-singing* while others are hip, accessible lounge tunes. For an example of the latter, try Bo Mambo.

Now I've gotta go check out some group called "Combustible Edison" somebody else recommended.... (Back. I'm sold! Thanks, Joe.)
* I can, on rare occasions, manage that myself, which scares the ever-lovin' outta my cats.


Anonymous said...

The Combustible Edison track is on the Quentin Tarantino Collection album. I don't know which of his movies it came from, but I heard it there. Both their singer and Yma have incredible ranges.


DirtCrashr said...

I've loved Yma, Bo Mambo especially, since before the Internet.
I sing horribly and am not musical

Castr8r said...

What a voice! Fifty+ years ago, Mom bought a 45rpm "album" of Yma Sumac called "Blood Festival" (if memory serves me). I've never heard anything like her since. Thanks for the Music!

perlhaqr said...

Oooh! If you like Tuvan throat singing (and weird music) you should check out Yat Kha.

I can't decide if I like their cover of "Orgasmatron" or "Love Will Tear Us Apart" better.

(Though my favorite song by them is a more traditional piece named "Amby Baryp".)

Youtube has examples. :D

jed said...

Not sure that I'd characterize that gravel-voiced passage as Kargyraa, as I didn't detect any prominent overtones. But Sumac does have an incredible range, and is way more interesting than Minnie Ripperton.

perlhaqr: I've heard Yat Kha, and thanks for reminding me. Have you heard Paul "Earthquake" Pena? His "Kargyraa Moan" should be easily findable.

Roberta X said...

Y'know, my commenters are frighteningly erudite. I like that!

perlhaqr said...

Jed: I have now, and thank you. :D

WV: "nonan" What Conan's mother told him a lot when he was three.