Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flag Display

Because some folks -- and they clearly don't know who they are -- stuck Federal flags on their cars after 11 September 2001 and drove around with them flapping in all weather until Old Glory had become a tattered rag, I'm posting this link to Respectful Ways To Display The Flag On The Fourth. It even has some nice, patriotic treats you can set out instead of, oh, candies with U. S. flags on 'em.

Me, I've flown the Gadsden Flag on patriotic holidays for many years now; I didn't like the kind of things politicians and pundits were wrappin' in the Stars and Stripes and since there were more of them than there are of me, I let them take it. But if you are gonna fly the national flag, please do so properly!

Than Kew.


Justin Buist said...

That reminded me. I had dinner with the extended family at a place this evening that had the stars and stripes displayed vertically on a wall. Backwards.

Bugs me. It shouldn't but it does.

reflectoscope said...

Shouldn't? I say damn right it should. I cringe when I see all the myriad ways people come up with for screwing up a short list of simple rules.


Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

That's one of the things that torqued me the most after 9-11: Seeing all of the National Ensigns that were being torn to shred by morons who did not know any better.

Hunter said...

When a US flag, after a period of honorable service, becomes so tattered and worn that it no longer represents the will of the nation, take it to the nearest American Legion post.
Most Legion posts conduct a Flag Day (June 14th)ceremony to dispose of worn flags in a respectful manner.

Post 3, Ketchikan, Department of Alaska