Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Or is that Esteamèd? A whole eB-y Store fulla (tabletop) steam engine kits and parts! There are plenty of folks who are serious collectors of tabletop steam engines.

Steam's not gone (ask the guys at the coal or nuke power plant!), it's only waiting. Just in case. 'Cos internal combustion's fun, but steam? Steam's a lifestyle! Or at least an animated film.


George said...

Cool stuff, Roberta. But the film? That I want to see!


og said...

Roberta: Have you ever been to Henry Ford's Museum/Greenfield Village? If you go on a sunday you can see a live steam engine being run in the museum, (a Corliss, no less) and all week they run a steam train through the village, and there are many steam powered machines running all the time there.

Shane said...

There's a link at Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Mail website yesterday for a working 1/6 scale 327 Chevy Corvette V8 engine. According to the site, the model is a 1.10 cubic inch displacement with real babbit main bearings and a pressurized oil system.