Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anagram This!

Anagram Server! "A cabana biker hums so;" or so they tell me. Charisma Nabob Ukase? Goodness, it's just like a horrorscope! ;)

"Starship Lupine" anagrams to "Harpist's Lineup." I certainly hope not.

(Found via Looking for Lissa).


Joe Huffman said...

Boomershoot -> Reboots Homo

Hmmm... Not so good.

Boomershoot -> Booms Hooter


Anonymous said...

Limited to three words, "A cabana biker hums so" leads to some entertaining results. To whit: "Samurai has backbone."


Turk Turon said...

Turk Turon -> Trunk Tour

Blogmeet -> Beg Motel

Assrot said...

You always find the coolest stuff.

17 Anagrams for Assrot

A Sorts
Star So
Tars So
Rats So
Arts So
Tsar So
Tar Sos
Art Sos
Rat Sos
As Tors
As Sort
As Rots
Ass Ort
Ass Tor
Ass Rot

I think some of these are ither questionable or possibly in a language other than 'merican.



Assrot said...


46 found. Displaying all:
Barter Ox
Rater Box
Taxer Bro
Taxer Orb
Taxer Rob
Extra Bro
Extra Orb
Extra Rob
Art Boxer
Tar Boxer
Rat Boxer
Tax Borer
Bra Ex Ort
Bra Ex Tor
Bra Ex Rot
Bar Ex Ort
Bar Ex Tor
Bar Ex Rot
Brat Re Ox
Brat Ex Or
Tab Err Ox
Bat Err Ox
Tea Brr Ox
Eat Brr Ox
Ate Brr Ox
Eta Brr Ox
Axe Brr To
Oat Brr Ex
Art Bro Ex
Art Orb Ex
Art Rob Ex
Art Box Re
Tar Bro Ex
Tar Orb Ex
Tar Rob Ex
Tar Box Re
Rat Bro Ex
Rat Orb Ex
Rat Rob Ex
Rat Box Re
At Box Err
Tax Bro Re
Tax Orb Re
Tax Rob Re
Ax Brr Toe
A Brr Ex To




Anonymous said...

Been using that for ages when I cannot come up with a good title for a post... Just take the prime topic, and find some interesting anagram.

No one ever gets it, but that is another matter entirely.

Kevin K in Norfolk VA said...

Ha! Tried this with:

"StarBeast devoured my expedition"
(and a couple minor variations)

Here are some highlights (alot of them sound like newspaper headlines or article titles! Weird!):

Sexy Barmaid Tans Petite Toe
Deadbeat Ed Premixes Vino Tryouts
Adamant Yetis Export Otter Pix
Sex Abroad Trainee Pets It Out
Abated Speed Vexed Iron Tourist
A Bedridden Serviette Spouts Ox
Database Termites Epoxy Tin
Beast Adapter Emits Ye Toxin
An Abated Seeded Vixen Irrupts Too
Deadbeat Ed Vomits Ivory Stumps
Beast Parades Yeti Oxen Mitt
Abraded Ed Peeves Toxin Tourist
Beast Aerated Ten Ox Tipis
Sandbar Ed Videos Eeriest Ox Putt
Sex Aboard Aunties Tripe Tote
An Embedded Sensitive Proxy Trout
Database Entree Mix Is Potty
Sandbar Seeded Pixie Trout Trove
Embedded Experiment at Virtuoso Sty
Imbedded Retentive Troy Ox a Puss

There were many other possibilities if I continued to rearrange things to trick/provoke the program, but that gave a nice sampling. Cool. ;-)


John Hardin said...

I did have to rearrange the words in what the 'bot generated to get these, but...

Gun Free Zone -> No Zen Refuge

Sensible Gun Laws -> Ban, Guess New Ills

Sensible Gun Laws -> Ban, News Slugs Lie

Anonymous said...

...And JHardin wins. The last one in particular.


Tam said...

Bomb Boss Ickiest Kooks

Drang said...

I don't know whether to exult or be disappointed: "No anagrams found."

Hmmm, let's try Cluemeter. 54 results. Includes:
Reelect Mu
Creel Mute
Lecture Me
Lecture Em
Creme Lute
Erect Mule
Ulcer Meet (Ah, they've been to meetings at the Salt Mines...)
Cruel Mete
Lucre Meet (AKA The DNC)
Rectum Eel (But does it shriek?)

Making it "THE Cluemeter" ups the count to 480.

WV: suplard. No thanks, I'm not hungry...

Les said...

I'm not happy... My real name give me the anagram "Stalker Mission".

That is just plain creepy...

Roberta X said...

"A Bad Hunter -- Severe Foxtrot"
"Therefore, Vents Or A Bad Tux"

Pretty snazzy, hey?