Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What with ammo getting scarcer and expensiver every day and with my free time limited, I am giving serious though to picking up an air pistol, especially after Tam showed me vids of a determined Japanese shooter training with them, then doing very well at IPSC.

Heck, I've gotta basement and a garage; the city and I would both frown on .22s there but an air gun, maybe not so bad.

I want something that closely mimics a 1911A1 in size, heft, control placement and performance; I have a spring-powered Beretta service pistol copy that is none of these things. Any suggestions? The one in the link above looks interesting but I don't know much about these critters.


Tango Juliet said...

I recently picked up a WE brand 1911 gas blowback 1911 from airsoftgi.

It's a "green" gas gun but it can run on propane IF you lube it with silicone oil. "Green" gas is de-stinkafied propane with silicone oil already added.

It's amazingly realistic and I even managed to replace the Pachmayr copy rubber grips with the wood grips off my S&W 1911. The MEU works well and is a hoot to shoot.

I am hoping to get some FOF training with this thing but it can be a cheap trainer as well.

The ultimate gas blowback 1911's are Tokyo Marui and Western Arms, both made in Japan. However, the Japanese airsofts must be run on HFC134a gas as Japanese law mandates a lower muzzle energy than their Taiwanese/Chinese counterparts. HC134 gas can be difficult to find but shooters are using keyboard duster gas as a substitute, using the appropriate adapter on the can to charge the mags.

sam said...
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sam said...

Sorry, my dear, but I can't find anything that meets all of your requirements. What you linked to is as close as I can get. I use something similar.

You could also get a training barrel to practice weapons handling from Blade-Tech. They also have an AR training bolt replacement.

And you could also try dry practice as demonstrated by my old Rangemaster. Yes, that is her name.

dehakal said...

I just picked up a gas blowback airsoft for training,{3}13
Very close to the real thing, grip feel, controls and action all feel right. I got mine with the extra CO2 magazine in addition to the green gas mag.

dehakal said...

I am looking at these to compliment the airsoft

J.R.Shirley said...

Too bad the one in your link is DA...

Bob said...

Marksman makes the old classic air pistol in the 1911 format. They aren't really a serious air gun, being more intended for teenage boys wanting to plink rather than being suitable for serious target work by adults, and they lack power for small game hunting. They have the advantage of being cheap, though, and have a good resemblance to a 1911.

sam said...

There's also the Beeman P-1, but it is single shot.

It's so accurate, I'm almost embarrassed when I shoot it. It will show your flaws.

WV: reverpti

Revers? We're going to need more than a single shot, even if they are part-time/intermittent.

Roberta X said...

The 1911 platform is what I'm after and it looks like this one is a very close match to my 1911s. (Thanks, Duane!)

Mikee said...

Where I live in Texas, the local town ordinances make shooting an air gun (CO2 BB or pellet gun, or even a Daisy spring loaded Red Rider)a misdemeanor unless all sorts of legal hoops are jumped through, including having the law present for the shoot.

Check your local ordinances or keep your basement airgunning unknown to the local law.