Monday, May 25, 2009


...Posted nothing all day. Oops.

It's like this: last week or so in May is a moody time for me, with three birthdays (including my own, which I quite dread even if it does beat what's in second place), the anniversary of my father's passing and a somewhat-heavier work schedule thanks to the 500-Mile Race. It leads me to excessive introspection, which may be good for the soul but has me comin' up blank, content-wise.

More and better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you're allowed a day off once in a (great) while.

Turk Turon said...

Get any cool b-day gifts? Maybe lift your spirits?

rickn8or said...

On the bright side, you're having another birthday...
You want all of them you can get.

Happyful Birfday!!
(Twenty-seven, right??)

Tam said...


Someone who doesn't like her birthday being observed could not have picked a better roommate.

Crucis said...

I saw something last week to perk you up. A matching Collins 32s Transmitter/75S-3 with sequential serial #s! Along side a matching set of Collins 75A4 Rcvr/32V3 Xmitr. With those running, you didn't need a heater to warm the shack.

An older ham friend went SK in March and he bequeathed his station to his great grandson---said grandson just received his Extra ticket in April joining his father, mother and older sister into the Ham ranks.

He also has a KWM-1 that is needing repair. Something to keep the family busy this coming year.

Bruce B. said...

Wishing you a happy birthday. And many more.

You're allowed a day off anytime you want. You're the boss at this blog after all :-)

Joseph said...

Happy Birthday, Roberta!!

Roberta X said...

Thank you for the nice wishes! And Crucis, that'd be the Gold Dust Twins, ey?

Turk, today I received a couple of very nice birthday gifts, from a very nice man! Quite mood-elevating, too. :)