Saturday, May 16, 2009

NRA Coverage

...At Sebastian's. Waiting on Atomic Nerds. Breda experienced TSA doing its job with the same warmth and friendliness as a meat grinder.* Alan gets to play with the new Ruger...thing. (An AR-15 needs an oprod? I mean, you'd'a thunk the Army -- or the Marines, anyway -- would have noticed).

More coverage elsewhere from the other bloggers attending -- Kevin has a roundup o'linkage.
* This bugs me on many levels. I helped set up equipment for news coverage of Hillary Clinton's stop at a factory here in Indianapolis, making multiple trips through a very high, dead-serious level of security, local police plus Secret Service and y'know what? It was invasive but they were decent about it. They didn't treat anyone like a pail of slops -- not me, not the janitorial staff, not the reporters, nobody. They didn't joke around or play at bein' your pal but they looked folks in the eyes and said hello and explained what was goin' on. But TSA with a tiny librarian? Oh hell no. They can't be bothered, even when she bursts into tears.


Anonymous said...

Who was it that referred to the TSA as fast food rejects with police powers? Fitting in this case.


Stingray said...

I hate to disappoint, but I'm afraid our coverage won't be coming till Tuesday at best thanks to a series of technical errors the likes of which an on-site specialist such as yourself would've been able to nip squarely in the bud. I tell you, it gets harder and harder to find a decent support crew these days. Warmer climes might be suited to your knee, y'know. Just sayin'. ;)

WV: Oculti - the strange forces which crippled my voice recorder at a key moment and are currently keeping my camera card reader from working.

Roberta X said...

....With my oculti powers, I see your future!