Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feeling Much Better

I'd still hate to hike a block with a full pack -- or two blocks with my purse; and I am prone to occasional bouts of sneezing or coughing. Withal, I feel hugely better than I did the last three days. Whatever this bug is (Tam was this morning muttering direly that my muscle aches "...don't sound like any sinus infection...." but I think that's just her fretting that even her wickedly good health won't prevent her turn with this stuff), you do not want it.

Neither does my Mom, the difference being, Mom X would be loathe to admit it. I'll give her a call by and by, since it seems unlikely I'll be actually visiting.

(Typo count is still just ghastly high, a good measure of how I'm doing. Back to horizontalness!)


sam said...

Unagi for lunch?

LabRat said...

Fun fact: you can blame interleukin-1, a messenger from the immune system. It makes you ache (by turning down pain threshold until the tiniest things are ouch), makes you feverish, makes you tired, and generally does about ninety percent of the crap you associate with being sick. So if something is hammering the gates hard enough, it doesn't matter from WHERE or exactly what, because the immune system's going to be sending out the same chorus of alarms and safety measures anyway.

Roberta X said...

Aha! Thank you -- that's News I Can Use!

I used the neti pot on my sinuses this ayem, a practice that never fails to squickify Tam, even when I describe it as "theraputic self-waterboarding...."

Trying to convince myself I'm healed enough to ride the scooter to work. We'll see.

Roberta X said...

Sam: y'know, I could have Unagi at the same place I had Dolsot bimbimbap. Broad Ripple is an epicure's paradise!