Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Like Hawley-Smooting Yourself, Only Uglier

(I expect any day to see that title as a spam header). Gee, let's see -- the economy is in the tank and the unemployment rate is increasing, what to do, what to do....?

If you're Obama administration, the answer is, "Whack the big corporations good and hard! Tax 'em even more than they already are and make being a U. S. corporation a liability!" Clever.

Where Smoot-Hawley was ostensibly protectionist and hurt U.S. exports indirectly, by inciting retaliatory tariff increases by other nations, the proposal from the White House bypasses that folderol by simply attacking U. S. firms that do business overseas. That'll show 'em! --Show 'em the desirability of incorporating elsewhere, that is.

When government -- any government! -- drives the economy, we're on the bus to failure. It is all the more galling in that every time this sort of thing happens (and it happens all the time), we handed them the keys.

Will this one be a debatable footnote, a catastrophe or a mere fizzle on the news cycle? I don't know. The assumptions behind it, though, they're corrosive; if they don't eat through in this instance, they'll do so somewhere else. Count on it.


Mark Alger said...

"...we handed them the keys!"Sorry. Beg to differ. I didn't hand the mofos ANYthing. They grabbed me by the scruff, turned me upside down and shook until my pockets empty, me screaming and kicking all the way, them pointin' guns at me in attempts to elicit sheep-like behavior out of me.

I want to take a few swings at a couple of 'em, but my buddies keep holding me back. I maintain that a good uppercut to the chin might prove educational to one or a couple of that lot.

Although they'd prob'ly just whinge about how they were being -- you know -- "bashed" by the cruel right-wing extremist.


Tango Juliet said...

Apparently the Obama Admin doesn't want the US to lead the world in anything but tax rates.

Drang said...

As opposed to Smalley-Hooting yourself...

Sorry, that particular Minnesota congressperson may be an utter idiot, but I read the comments on some article on her little Spoonerism, and could only ponder the hypocrisy of the left, which can ignore Obama's "Quatro de Cinco" line, and go all Bush Derangement Syndrome on a person who gets tongue tied, but happens to be, you know, one of those Republican-Americans...

Tam said...

Re: "Republican-American"

They call them "wingers" when they're in private, and don't bother with the euphemism.