Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Blame Me

...For what happens to your televisor come 0725 this ayem -- or at 1225 or 1825 today, either. I didn't do it. Well, only a little of it.

P.S.: Your Curtisony Questrinitrcavox TV, the old one with the 4:3 CRT? It's gonna turn into a buggywhip next month! Except there won't be any video Amish to still use it.* Better getcha a nice, cheap DTV converter, before the rush is on. Mortgage the kids and get a big, hi-def flatscreen!

Or you could, you know, read a book.
* Not entirely true, low-power TV stations will still be on the air in analog for awhile longer. Not for forever, so watch 'em while you can -- if you can.


Alan said...

I have a TV, but I never watch it. If I do watch video, it's almost always on a computer screen these days.

I think the FCC could have just skipped the digital conversion and just told the stations to turn off the transmitters. Don't most people watch them on cable or satellite anyway?

Roberta X said...

How do you think cable and satellite get them?

Alan said...

Yes, I know most of them use an antenna at the cable head end for local channels, but srsly... broadcast TV is so 20th Century.

And don't even get me started on the FCC's miserable record on frequency allocation. Why you'd almost think they intended to limit competition in the first place. :)

Roberta X said...

It's different now -- DTVs can be assigned side by side by side, no problemo. Power levels are lower, too; if things fall out as it appears they may, the "Class A" (higher power) LPTV stations will have signals of comparable strength to legacy TV stations.

Over-the-air TV has a future, I think, as a secondary medium -- the set in the bedroom, the vacation home or the RV.

Alan said...

I'm sure it will be around for a long time, but I'm also sure it will be increasingly irrelevant. In fact, I think the whole big screen in the living room days are over, just no one realizes it yet.

You can buy a 50 inch big screen in WalMart for a few hundred dollars, surely that means the era of the big screen is over.

Rob K said...

No, that means the era of the big screen in every room is just beginning.

Re. what's happening to the televisor: So they're shutting down analog broadcasting at those times so people will know if they need a digital box?

WV: matiess -- weren't he some kinda painter fella?

Assrot said...

Let'em turn it off for all I care. Then I don't have to hear the whiney left's MSM everytime I turn the darn thing on.

I have a DVD of everything I've ever cared to watch in my entire life to this point along with enough players that other folks have thrown out and I repaired.

I could just watch my DVDs and read my books for the rest of my life.

Must have broadband Internet though. The job requires it and it allows me to actually choose what news I want to hear rather than being force fed liberal rhetoric until I turn into a zombie.

If I ever become a zombie I'm going to have to try the long pig just so I can eat the Messiah's brain and launch it down the crapper.