Thursday, May 07, 2009


Soooo.... My tales of the goings-on along the Hidden Frontier are just stories, you say? Mebbeso, mebbso; but the truth will out.

I've thought for years that using NASA as a cover for re-entry research originally and then as a huge distraction from the actual existence of FTL travel and a network of settled worlds was going to backfire. Now the facade is startin' to crack.

Or it could be me gaslighting you. I'm not sayin'.


Anonymous said...

You're wookie suit head is on too tight again.

I told you that you have to take those off every 3 hours to allow yourself to breath.

Set phasers to annoying and let's wrap factor 8 away from Planet Geek 7 of the Pocket Protector System.

Shootin' "May the Spock Ears be with you" Buddy

Anonymous said...

Your Wookie suit is showing again, Roberta.

Roberta, is that you out campaigning in Broad Ripple?

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

And now, the SciFi/NerdCon09/RonPaulCampaignBrainTrust Dancers:

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

Tsk. Pick on a poor, suffering girl like that. I hope you're happy.

Assrot said...

Well my lady, while you've been developing that warp drive, I have a complete set of plans and schematics for a fully functional time machine.

Now if I can just get you to loan me a Zed PM or some dilithium crystals and a warp core to power it, I'll be ready to build the prototype.

What say you Lieutenant Commander Scotty?


Aaron said...


I've been following the research (at least what's available for free) in the field ever since Alcubierre made public is theory.

We may not be on the cusp of a breakthrough, but it's far from impossible.

Ken said...

Well, with this coming from one direction, and the Bussard guys predicting breakeven by 2015, maybe the doomers will have to go home frustrated and alone. Again.